Hey fam!

We are so glad you’re here! Here’s a little of what to expect during your visit!

About the blog: 

One of our favorite things to do is chat about Jesus with anyone and everyone! We wanted to create a space where we can do just that.. but without sugarcoating the struggles that we face on the Jesus journey. We want to create a space with no filters, no facades, no striving for perfection… just a safe place to get honest and real about the messiness of this life, and to provide a reminder that it’s there that Jesus meets us.. right in the middle of our mess.

Our hope is that this space will be a safe one, where we can own our brokenness, acknowledge our need for a Savior, and encourage one another through the things the Lord reveals to us. We pray that God will use this blog to inspire, challenge, awaken, and encourage others to dig deeper in their faith and their relationship with Jesus.

So grab a cup of coffee and let’s get real!

About the authors: 

Maddie: Hey y’all! Mads here! I’m just a 23 year old gal obsessed with all things Jesus, coffee, animals and music. I’m currently living in Nashville, Tennessee pursuing my graduate degree in occupational therapy. Payton is my best friend and soul sister and we wanted to embark on this new journey together! We are new to blogging so bear with us.. but we are passionate about opening our eyes to the things that Jesus is teaching us and sharing that with others in the hope that it might resonate or encourage anyone who might need to hear it. I am pumped to get started and hopefully get to know and chat with some of y’all in the process!

Payton: Hi friends! I’m also a 23 year old learning to function as an adult, with a love of Hobby Lobby, ice cream and the outdoors. I am a professional nerd, because I teach high school biology. Learning how the world works and His attention to detail makes me fall more in love with my Father everyday. I live just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, six hours away from my bestie Maddie. Even though we are separated in distance, we have grown closer to each other and to God since we have moved opposite directions. We are so excited to let you all into our crazy world of goofiness and Jesus talks! 

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